Who Am I?

Great Question.

My path has had some twists and turns...

For 13 years as a High School English teacher I taught communication skills and facilitated dialogue and discussion with that toughest of audiences - teenagers.

My students ranged from Indigenous Australians from the remote outback to peak performers from private schools. Success in these classrooms demanded generating rapport, clear outcomes, and a dynamic and intentional learning culture. This proved great practice for corporate training.

I transitioned into corporate training in 2014. Here I was commissioned to re-write the syllabus for the public speaking training company Speakers Institute.

Our clientele are from a diverse range of backgrounds (health, education, media etc) and are subject matter experts who wish to position themselves powerfully as thought leaders.

Now, we're on the home stretch!

I became a professional speechwriter - writing TED Talks, TEDx Talks, SXSW and Vivid Sydney talks for clients who must not be named (!) I've written Keynotes for CEOs, voice-over scripts for QANTAS, magazine articles for New York Journal and others, and taught presentation skills in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

After running business simulations at conferences for Fortune 500 companies, I decided it was time for the next adventure - Strategic Comms.

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